Thursday, June 16, 2011

The past and the future

Sony seems somehow a bit too future-oriented and too past-hostile. The A700 was removed from the market for no reason ages ago, and we are still waiting for a replacement (and - my personal opinion - the same holds true for the A100, except that its heritage was just taken by the A580... how many years after?).
Truly, the new Axx cameras, like the A55, have an excellent and innovative design: they are smaller, lighter, have a superior autofocus.
But the evolution of Sony cameras was never linear, always convoluted, curved, two steps forward and half step aside; in practice, no new Sony camera is entirely better than its predecessors.
The excellence of the α DSLRs comes mostly from superior electronics, but a digital camera is not completely electronic; I hope that they remember the Minolta experience when they design the A77.
Those who don't learn from the past will repeat the same mistakes... or make some new mistakes.

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