Sunday, January 29, 2012

Frozen glass

The case of copyright infringement for reproducing the same retouch effects on a slightly different photo (see the whole story here) seems a bit "open to abuse": in that particular case it may be correct, as the intent was likely to reproduce the original photo as closely as possible, but such a sentence may be dangerous if blindly applied.
Many Lightroom presets (and Photoshop actions) are freely available: does this imply that everyone who applied the same preset to a photo can be taken to court?
Furthermore, many presets are really similar (I have - say - 30 B&W presets, but I could probably delete half of them because either the differences are minimal, or they get the same final effect in different ways, but they are generally undistinguishable). But as a rule, one preset corresponds to a "mood", and two photos may want to convey the same mood.

In Lightroom there are only a few different ways to convert a photo to B&W. If I publish say 5 different presets called "Convert to B&W", I could sue everyone...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lightroom 3.x and CameraRaw cache

Not many people noticed, but Adobe back ported a feature from the upcoming Lightroom 4 into the 3.x series. The CameraRaw cache folder was full of large files (about 10MB each), but the new engine creates much smaller, compressed, files (about 500K each).
So the key point is: clear your cache (from Lightroom preferences) and reserve a smaller space.

If CameraRaw finds an old, large file it will leave it there, but new files are always created small