Thursday, May 26, 2011

To progre$$ or to regre$$, this is a different problem

I think every photographer who likes Sony knows that history is non-linear.
My first Sony, the V1 had an infrared sensor view that allowed the camera to focus in the darkness; then, you could choose to take an infrared (green) picture, or to pop-up automatically the flash and shoot.
This feature was technically free, because (I was explained by a kind engineer) every DSLR sensor can record infrared light, and in fact it's shielded; the infrared view just removes the filter temporarily.
However this feature was removed from cameras mostly because of legal reasons: in rare cases, it allows to take a sort of x-ray picture that sees through cloths, very thin cloths, however a potential concern for privacy.

The classic series of Sony α, the α100, α700 and α900, are said to be closer to the original Minolta design; less electronics and more photography.
Surprisingly, it seems that these cameras are also less prone to some problems, such as attracting dust inside.
I never had an α700, but I still wish one; I had an α550 for some time, which I bought immediately when it was new, and at the time the price of the α700 and the α550 was identical (about 1000 USD). Now the α700 can still be found somewhere, but it is back to its original price level (about 1500).

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